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Stuck in the middle

It’s always a challenge when something goes wrong or doesn’t work and you are stuck working out who to call, who is responsible in fixing the issues, or who has to deal with many services providers blaming the other.

Every business has a mix of hardware, software, online packages and day-to-day processes; a fault or issue in any of these systems can be costly or detrimental to customer service. Even if you have an IT person, hardware person or support packs with each supplier, they don’t provide you with end-to-end service so you need to know who to contact when.

Challenges you may face include:

  • the pain of implementing new technology
  • when nothing is working together
  • having costly customer service problems
  • not making the most of they data you are collecting
  • unable to afford adequate IT support staff
  • being unprepared for cyber attacks
  • missing big trends.

Our support

True support is someone who can look across your business, understand how it ticks, know the people within it (and their skills) to determine the right cause of action.

Our support model eliminates the typical market issues, and provides support that’s just like having your own in-house technology team. With this mindset Tempus support will:

Reduce risk

When you utilise support, we manage a lot of IT risk for you because of our industry knowledge.

Give you controlled and predictable spending

Budgeting will become much easier as the amount of money you spend on IT is predictable. You pay a monthly fee according to the type of service you require.

Ensure compliance and security

We will help manage and monitor issues that can occur in an ever-changing environment.

Give access to IT professionals

You can access in-house IT staff without the associated cost. You have access to our knowledgeable staff that is available at your convenience for any IT problem or question you have.

Level the playing field

Our support helps to gain the expertise and the insight that larger companies have without the overhead.

Provide proactive solutions

We help detect problems to stop them from becoming worse and turning into expensive repairs and increased downtime.

Give access to new technology

Have the confidence to implement new technology into your business with our support.

Offer vendor management

We deal with other software and hardware vendors, so you don’t have to deal with complicated and technical conversations.

Offer a faster response time

We will be on call to support your business at its time of need with fast access to technical staff.

Improve efficiency

Our support helps you focus on your core business and not get distracted by IT issues.

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