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Providing cost effective solutions

You might be thinking all the technology you need will be expensive, complex and time consuming. Dealing with business needs and costs is a challenge that many businesses face and, with such a wide variety of technology on the market, making an informed decision with your hard-earned money can be daunting!

We will analyse your business and processes and provide a proposal to solve your IT pain points. This will include the cost and support for all your IT needs as a business case to making an informed decision.

Our innovation and approach to costing IT applications and infrastructure means we can offer cost-effective solutions to any business, big or small.

We tailor our services to suit you because we know that generic pricing won’t meet your needs.


We take a staged approached to delivering your technology solutions.

Review and proposal

We will meet with you to discuss your needs and business pain points, then provide you with a documented review.

Setup and development

Based on the review proposal, we can work with you as we setup, develop, configure and licence the recommended solutions.

Support and maintenance

All technology needs maintenance and support from time to time. Our plans are tailored to suit your business size, technical skills and ability.

Review and proposal

We will uncover and then solve your business pain points: and the cost this is unique to each business. The time to deliver and review your business needs, existing systems and proposed improvements is based on the size of your business and its complexity.

After you receive your report, you can decide on the next steps.

  • The initial meeting with you to discuss your needs is free.

  • A review and proposal for a micro business is typically free.

  • For larger businesses costs start at $500, but we will provide you with an estimate at our initial meeting.

After you receive your report, you can decide on the next steps.

Setup and development

Once you’re happy with our proposal, we can setup, configure and develop the technology based on our plan. Each review and proposal is tailored to your needs and will vary in cost. Prices will factor in:

  • the cost of proposed and existing software licences, including licencing consolidation strategies

  • configuring and setting up any off-the-shelf software

  • development of any custom solutions or integration setup.

Various commercial options for services are available including hourly rates, capital fees, monthly charges, leasing and long term purchasing. All costs are detailed in the review and proposal report to match your commercial drivers.

Internet, hardware and communications are provided at costs lower than large carriers, with discounts available.
Digital automation is delivered in a consulting framework.
When you consolidate your processes and technology, we are able to provide either cost savings back to your business or allow you to receive more features for what you pay currently!

Support and maintenance

All our solutions are hosted and supported by Tempus and we have partnerships with a variety of application providers to ensure we are across what’s available in the market. Support and maintenance costs include:

  • content updates

  • patches and software upgrades

  • remote support and access to Tempus support platform

  • technical consultants to discuss issues

  • monitoring and backup services.

Once you are on our support plans there will be no more IT costs spiralling out of control.

Everything is managed and supported in one spot!

Support plans start from $20 per month and are tailored to suit your business requirements and technical skills.

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