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Operating a business with not much

We’ve seen firsthand that many associations and not-for-profit businesses face challenges with:

  • manual paper-based processes

  • the majority of business knowledge sitting with key individuals within the organisation

  • manual processing and other associated downstream processes taking key staff time

  • challenges tracking and consolidating staff costings to better determine margins and profitability

  • difficulty tracking and managing clients and data associated with them to facilitate better business decision making plus service delivery

  • range of isolated, not integrated and aging system.

How we can help

Knowing the type of challenges you face, we will develop technology strategies to set up a solid foundation but also give you room to grow. There are several ways we will do this:

  • staged assessment to gain the best out of the existing market

  • streamlined processes and new technologies that make better use of staff time

  • greatly reduced manual handling and administrative time

  • centralised client data to support improved customer experience and service delivery

  • improved business reporting and analytics capability.

  • membership and payment frameworks that will help grow your user base.


When we help you solve your business challenges, you will see a range benefits, including:

  • better customer engagement through the website e.g. donations, memberships

  • structured client information to ensure reliability of data

  • improved storage for long term data management

  • the ability to handle casual and fluctuating staff

  • consistency in service delivery

  • cost savings in operations

  • reporting ability track funding requirement

  • one point of contact for your technology support

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