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Top challenges facing a digital world

In a world driven by online shopping, streaming movies and music and finding answers to questions fast the modern customer expects similar experiences from large private and public businesses.

This means that modernising and planning for the future is critical. Nobody would say change comes easily and the most common challenges we see our clients facing as they move to more digital services are:

  • being overrun by paper-based processes

  • being constrained by legacy systems

  • having to accomplish more with less

  • having to keep the customer engaged and informed.

How we can help

Tempus will solve company pain points and provide innovative solutions using an alternative model and project approach. We use existing systems to implement a data integration platform and workflow engine, delivered by cost effective proprietary products.

Our methodology is designed to provide the following benefits:

  • facilitated engagement techniques to obtain strategic business buy-in and technology alignment viewpoints

  • data-backed return on investment estimates at a process level to facilitate development of business cases

  • prioritisation of projects and pain points to allow management teams to make targeted decisions

  • holistic view of processes to allow better technology architecture and decision-making

  • review and alignment of business processes to the best suited technology platforms, whether existing or proposed

  • proposed integration requirements and data models

  • commercially viable procurement strategies and cost to develop.


Our philosophy allows for rapid and targeted improvements that can be incrementally applied across business units and functions to manage impacts, risks and business improvements more effectively.

This approach sets up the building blocks for future long-term core system upgrades, reduced project risk and support continual process improvement. Our business cases, technical design and developed solutions deliver the following key benefits:

  • time back for staff to focus on the business

  • improved compliance and reduced risk in business process

  • improved reporting, analytics and data modelling capability

  • cost savings in implementation and maintenance.

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